Service LitSmart® E-Discovery

Kilpatrick’s dedicated LitSmart E-Discovery Team provides end to end discovery solutions using the most sophisticated technology in-house, managed by experienced legal and technical professionals. By eliminating outside vendors, the LitSmart Team handles its clients’ e-discovery needs in a defensible, efficient, and cost-effective manner, while maintaining valuable institutional knowledge of data systems, major players, and protocols. The LitSmart Team also regularly advises clients on areas such as data preservation, international data privacy, cross-border transfer, collection methodologies, and metadata production. The LitSmart Team maintains a presence across the Kilpatrick footprint and the world, with on premises and cloud based e-discovery servers located in the United States (Atlanta and Dallas-on premises; Iowa and Virginia-cloud based), Canada (Toronto-cloud based), the European Union (Stockholm-on premises; Amsterdam-cloud based; Germany and Switzerland-cloud based in Q2 2020), the United Kingdom (London-cloud based), South America (Sao Paulo-cloud based), Australia (New South Wales-cloud based) and China (Shanghai-on premises; Hong Kong-cloud based). Given its global e-discovery footprint, the LitSmart Team is uniquely positioned to help its clients comply with data localization and privacy requirements, including EU GDPR and Chinese State Secret Law requirements. In recognition of its expertise and innovation in the e-discovery field, the LitSmart Team was named the global winner of the 2019 Relativity Innovation Award-Best Law Firm or Corporate Solution.